Couples Halloween Costumes

Couples Halloween Costume
Plug and Socket Set

This is a great costume set and is one of the top recommended costumes by customers. The size is Large / X-Large to fit most adults. You receive both a plug and socket so you only need to purchase 1 costume for both of you.  Plug and Socket Couples Costume

Couples Costume Ideas
Nut and Bolt Set

This couples costume is perfect when you can't wear your costume to work but have a party right after wards. Both the nut and the bolt pieces come with an adjustable waist you and you can quickly put them on over your clothes..
Nut and Bolt Couples Halloween Costume Set

Pairs Costume Ideas
Bacon and Eggs

So who wants to bring home the bacon? Here is what one customer had to say "The costumes are well-made and are true to size. It was nice being able to buy them in a set for one price"GinaL..
Bacon and Eggs Adult Costume Set

Party Couples Costumes
Spoon and Fork Set

This spoon and fork couples costume also works well at a house warming party and on New Years Eve.Very unique & comfortable costume.Great customer ratings.
Spoon and Fork Party Costume Couples Set

Cute Couples Costumes
Ball and Chain Set

Everyone knows that your inseparable so why not show it? Your friends won't stop laughing. This is a great outfit to wear when your dropping by friends that are going to get married. Yep, the good ole ball 'n chain joke.  
Cute Couples Ball and Chain Halloween Costume

Famous Couples Costume
Adam and Eve Set

What couple is more famous than Adam & Eve? Customers not only love this costume but wear it to many different parties and occasions.Both jumpsuits, fig leaves and 2 leaf head pieces are included 
Famous Couples Adam and Eve Costume Set

The following couples costumes go together but each costume is sold individually

Funny Washer Costume

The Washer costume includes: washer-shaped body suit and detergent bottle-shaped hat. Available in one size fits most adults, sizes Large/X-Large..Team up with the Dryer costume for fun look.

Funny Washing Machine Costume

Matching Dryer Costume

Ok, you'll wash and I'll dry.The Dryer costume includes: dryer -shaped body suit with opening door and dryer sheet-shaped hat. You can pin your own socks/clothing to the front of the costume!.
Funny Matching Dryer Couples Halloween Costume

The Bun Maker Costume

The Bun Maker and Bun in the Oven is a fantastic couples costume for expecting parents. With "The Bun Maker" written in large letters across the over sized apron, there is no doubt who the baker is. The Bun Maker Comical Halloween Costume

Bun in Oven Costume

Is she or isn't she? The Bun In The Oven costume includes a tunic shaped like an oven and a bun that can be put in the oven..   She's Got a Bun In The Oven Funny Halloween Costume

Hippie Female Costume

This hippie outfit comes in 3 different sizes: Small, medium and Large.Includes multi-colored flowered shirt with attached brown vest with fringe, and matching headband, just add your own jeans.Before getting ready to go to your party brush up on Woodstock by visiting
Woodstock Music Festival 1969 here . Female Hippie Costume

Hippie Male Costume

Peace Man. Take a groovy trip back to the 60's with this costume. Hippie outfit includes white v-neck shirt with dark trim and round silver charms around the collar and an attached multi-colored pattern vest with brown fringe, and matching headband. Don't forget to learn more about the 60's at The Woodstock Music Festival of 1969 Tribute page   60's Hippie Male Costume

Sexy Pirate Costume

This vixen pirate wench costume is available in sizes Small, Medium,Large and X/Large. Plus sizes are also available in different pirate styles. Any man would be willing to walk the plank for you in this outfit!! Sexy Women's Pirate Costume

Macho Pirate Costume

This cutthroat pirate costume will make any many feel like searching for hidden gold if you know what I mean.Includes almost every thing that you need to show who is boss. Move over Johnny Depp.    Pirate Costume For Adult Male

Looking for Pirate Costumes? You'll find tons more Pirate Costumes Galore

Popeye Costume

Don't forget to bring a an empty can of spinach to add to the fun. The Popeye costume includes a Sailor shirt with square back collar flap, pants, belt, anchor tattoo muscle arms and a sailor hat.AhGaGaGaGaGa .
Popeye Costume

Olive Oyl Costume

Oh, Popeye, your my hero! Olive Oyl costume is available in sizes Small, Medium and large and includes The Olive Oyl costume includes a red and black Petal collar dress and bun back wig.
Olive Oyl Halloween Costume

Sexy Batgirl

Sexy Batgirl comes in sizes X-Small,small and medium.There are also several different Batgirl costumes if you need a larger size.Deluxe costume includes black mini dress with yellow bat logo, attached black cape, glovelets, black character eyemask (may differ slightly from shown), yellow vinyl belt, and black boot tops.
Oh, So Sexy BatGirl Costume

The Dark Knight - The Joker

The dark, insane and very clever The Joker is just as crazy looking in this officially licensed costume.Customers are raving about it! Your costume includes thesignature Joker mask, the bizarre purple coat with attached dress shirt, vest, and tie, and purple pin-striped pants for look that is other-worldly, to say the least!   The Dark Knight - The Joker Deluxe Costume

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